2 Factor Authentification for secure remote access

The security of IT and Internet applications, e.g. remote access to computers and networks, is of enormous importance. Therefore the user authentification process should be designed as securely as possible in order to prevent unauthorized access. Passwords alone do not perform this task sufficiently. They can be read via special programs or captured during transmission. You can also not prevent that passwords are passed on without permission. Therefore the identity check via password alone (1 Factor) poses a security risk. Considering this the 2 Factor Authentification therefore is an ideal solution. In addition to password as factor 1 which can be assigned with the attribute ‚knowledge‘, a second factor ‚possession‘ is used for authentification of users. ‚Possession‘ in this case is a chip card, a token or a secure stick. In order to pass such a 2 Factor Authentification successfully the user must overcome two barriers. This naturally makes attacks significantly more difficult and unlikely.


Remote access via COMPUTENT Secure Box

COMPUTENT Secure offers it’s customers the Secure Box for a secure remote access to networks, which is an in-house designed solution for secure 2 Factor Authentification. With the Secure Box and the Secure Stick you can establish a 2048 Bit encrypted, completely secure SSH2 connection over the Internet via WLAN, UMTS or router to your network (data). You simply connect the Secure Box to your router at home or in the office, which can be done very fast and easy. Thanks to the so called 2 Factor Authentification the COMPUTENT Secure USB solution, consisting of box and stick, makes the life of potential data thieves extremely difficult. The sophisticated access management enables you to control which user may work with which application on which systems. The Secure Box is available in 2 versions: the Secure Basic Version is a well fitted entry solution for freelance workers and private use (maximum of 2 licenses), the Secure Box Pro is the professional enterprise solution and enables a remote access of up to 10 concurrent users. If you have further questions regarding our products please do not hesitate to contact us. We gladly advise you in detail on the phone and explain to you the 2 Factor Authentification and the advantages of the Secure Box for secure remote access. We are looking forward to your call! You can order the COMPUTENT Secure products in our online shop.